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Pse index, up at the start of session

Start of market session today seems to be positive as Financial, Holding firms, Industrial and All shares up while Property, Mining & Oil and Services sectors slide down.

Local Bourse dropped at -1.85% – July 09,2012 (PH)

Psei ended down at -1.85%. I expect that tommorow’s session might slide up after today’s profit-taking.

Psei down at -0.14% – Morning Session for July 09,2012

Local market ended -0.14% down in the morning session with Holding&Firms, Mining & Oil and All Shares up.

A Life In London

Freshly constructed, Europe’s tallest building looks like a giant alien mothership has landed.

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Palawan – The last Frontier

Palawan is truly beautiful place in the Philippines. Here is my top list places:


1. The Underground River in Puerto Princesa – Declared as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, it is located in Sabang, Puerto Princesa City. Main attraction is the long navigable river, amazing rock formations and species living therewith.

2. The Tubbataha Reef – This is marine sanctuary that serves as home of nearly 400 fish and bird species. Tubbataha has been nominated in the new 7 Wonders of Nature. It has been declared as first national Marine Park in the Philippines and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Beaches in El Nido – Magnificient resorts in El Nido offers white sand and blue water. Diving can be great experience in this beautiful creature.

In addition to these, Beaches in Coron, Taytay, Cuyo and Busuanga, Pawalan are also amazing.

Best Programming Language

Technological revolution against local and global economy

Java Sample Program for Beginners

Java programming is a powerful object-oriented programming language. It is widely used among companies using complex systems. Aside from running in different platform, this is an open source programming language which implements different web and application frameworks.

For beginners, which has a first-glance of Java programming language, please be guided by the below code which display basic text in console. You can download any compiler like Eclipse (any version)  or Netbeans.

public Class Hello() { //Hello is the class name

public static void main (String args[])


String text = “Hello World”; //you can declare a string variable that will hold the value of text

System.out.println (text); // the value of text being stored previously will be printed



The above example only illustrates how Java program works.

Market Commentary for July 09, 2012- PH

Executive order for mining in the Philippines might elevate the Mining & Oil sector attracting foreign and local investors. Index down at 0.14% led by financial, industrial, services and property with percent down at -0.13%, 0.34%, -0.38% and -0.50% respectively. However, previous session advantaged Mining&Oil sector, Holding Firms and All shares at +2.83, +0.23 and +0.26 respectively. It is expected that market might take a step up on Monday, July 09, 2012.

Politics in Technology

Politics in Technology

Social media network is politicizing the life of everyone who is attached to it. All walks of life seems to enjoy using different websites that can connect them to other people. Internet is actually ruling in today’s life in earth.

A single post can affect thousands or even millions of people. This politics can damage one’s name for just a single click.
I expect more advanced technology to boom in the next few years. My little idea is to be careful in posting personal comments or anything that is searchable. This may put us into something unexpected.

What will be our technology trend in 15 years? Everything changes in a span of millisecond.

Well, as a developer, I don’t only look for the software I build. What I am aiming for is to create something extra-ordinary.

There are many young professionals who started to build a team of their own. This may composed of different people from their respective field who are trying to innovate the current products we have in market.

I invite someone who is technology savvy and who can think outside the box. I have some ideas in mind that can be useful in building such edifice of product – which can be very useful in our industry.

Just drop your comment and let see how we can build something more that what we have today.